Safety Inspection

 We are a FREE tire Recycling Depot.

It's important to maintain your cooling systems since they reduce the heat that builds up and 

helps all other engine parts work properly.

 Differential, Power Steering, Transmission and Transmission fluids should all be checked and changed at routine intervals.  Many of these may be done during oil changes or tune ups.  Check your owner manual or ask our Tech what  kind of schedule your vehicle should be on.

Time to prepare

for Winter!

We can provide these important services and much more.

Regularly scheduled oil changes are important

to minimize wear on your engines major components.

Tire Recycling

Have your heating and A/C checked seasonally to keep your auto comfy in all weather conditions.    You may not realize how inexpensive many A/C and heating repairs can be today.

Engine Replacement

Wheel Alignment

Recondition Headlights


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Drive, Fan, Serpentine, Timing belts, you will save time and money, over the life of your auto, when you regularly replace your vehicles belts and hoses.

Tire Rotating & Balancing

Radiator Repair

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We are committed to providing you excellent service, and fair pricing, so you will be comfortable in choosing us for all your maintenance and repair needs.

Nothing will improve your vehicles ride and handling like a proper wheel alignment.

Steering & Suspesion

Oil Change

Windshield Wipers

Fluid Checks

Air Filter Replacement

Foggy, hazy, discolored headlights are dangerous when they impede the light from your bulbs.  We can fix that!

Belts & Hoses

Muffler Repair

Brake Service

from $69.95

Drive Clean 

Routine tune-ups are less painful than breakdowns.  Tune-ups will decrease your need to replace worn engine parts, and help extend the life of your vehicle.

Tire Repair

We provide exhaust system inspection and muffler repair, which can help you pass your mandatory Ontario emissions inspection.

Rotating tires will ensure even wear.  Balancing tires will reduce vibrations from uneven contact with the road. 

Having your Transmission Fluid flushed and your filter changed every 95,000 kilometers can  stop common transmission problems from occurring.

Note:  Prices quoted above are average.  Price could change based on your vehicle type.  Please call or drop in for a quote.

Transmission Service

Having your Steering and Suspension systems inspected can help you to avoid safety hazards.

To help guarantee the performance of your vehicles electrical system, you should have your battery examined and maintained regularly.

Having your brakes inspected is important for safety and reliability, and will promote the long life of your braking system.

Battery Installation

We offer pre-inspection and repair, to ensure your
vehicle will pass Ontario's mandatory E-Test.

Tire Installation

 A flat tire can usually be fixed.  We'll get you back on the road quickly.


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An important part of regular vehicle maintenance, that many people forget about; air filters should be replaced every 4,000-24,000 kilometers.  Check your manual or ask our Tech what is routine is suitable for your vehicle.

Yes we replace engines when needed. 

We offer many choices for quality and affordable tire installation, your tires or ours.
We also have a tire recycling depot onsite.

Air Conditioning & Heating

Get your new used auto on the road fast.
We offer the Ontario Safety Inspection.

Tune Up

Not everyone wants to change their own wiper blades - we have what you need.  It's important to test and change your wiper blades to maintain safety when you encounter poor driving conditions.